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Web design firms and Content Management Systems
Friday, December 30, 2011    5:04 am

It is currently predicted that around twenty per cent of new websites on the internet are running WordPress as a backend system. Following these numbers it may be hard to believe that are still some web design firms out there who do not employ WordPress developers or support content management system web design. For some potential clients looking to have a website design, CMS integration could be the feature that makes them choose a particular firm.

Content management systems like WordPress offer a prebuilt solution for managing a website. With a quite 5 minutes installation you have a fully functioning website or blog with an administration panel which only you have access to. From the admin panel you can add, edit and remove content as well as maintain the website and see statistics and user information. Building a website like this from scratch could take a web design months or even years.

It seems that as the popularity of CMS increases so does the amount of web design firms employing users who have a significant amount of experience with it. Hopefully in the near future it will be essential for web design firms to offer some form of CMS website design to give businesses looking for this option a wider variety of solutions to choose from.

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