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Monday, February 20, 2012    6:18 am

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important part of any website. It is the name given to a number of techniques and systems used by web masters in a bid to make their website number 1. 

In certain industries it is very important to rank well in popular searching engines such as Google. A lot of potential customers turn to search engines as their first place to search. It has been reported that the 1st placing website will take around 40 per cent of all search traffic, the rest been shared primarily between the other pages that rank in the top 10.

Now the unfortunate thing is that it is not exactly standard protocol for a web design firm to offer some sort of search engine optimization solution as part of one of their website design packages. This is because most do not employ SEO specialists. However you will probably be glad to know that there are some out there that do offer such a solution.

Finding a web design firm that can offer some basic SEO should really help kick off your website in the search engines. Whilst older websites with a high page rank will generally rank higher if you have a good backlinking package applied to your domain there is a high chance that you will begin to rank good from day one. This can get you extra traffic that you did not expect from the start and potentially increase revenue within weeks of your website being live.

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