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Web Design Tools for a Real Estate Business
Tuesday, November 1, 2011    8:14 am

Going into or being in a real-estate business is a fierce and risky—business, especially today. There is a lot of competition out there offering something cheaper or better than what you’re thinking or haven’t thought up yet. The key to beating them or leveling the playing field is marketing or advertising. Your fledgling business however will find it difficult to wrangle up an ad agency capable of putting one-page ads or billboards on the cheap. The best bet for a real-estate or any business is to go online and get as much exposure as possible.

Being online is another thing. To get as many customers as possible, one must have a very attractive website with articles at par with Oprah or Good Housekeeping. Articles are another story, eye-candy first. Below are some web-design tools than can help in creating an attractive website for prospective home buyers:

WordPress – is a website building tool that has it all and best of all, it’s free to an extent. You can create and host your website from or download their wordpress tool, create your website and host it under your own domain. can host your website under its own domain along with additional tools for a small fee.

Dreamweaver – Another great tool is Adobe’s Dreamweaver. It is a complete website building tool capable of creating interactive menus, slideshows and forms. It’s the web design tool of choice for many businesses.

Photoshop – WordPress and Dreamweaver are ractically useless in the real-estate business without good pictures. Pictures are the best tools in the real-estate business and with Photoshop and a little skill, an apartment can become a mansion and a mansion can become a palace. No need to make the house look like Minas Tirith, just clear, crisp pictures with good lighting and some effects.

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