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Web Design Vs Tim Berners-Lee
Friday, November 2, 2012    11:01 am

It was in 1989, Tim Berners-Lee decided to change the way we see the world  when he developed global hypertext project.  This is what has become World Wide Web that we are enjoying all over the world. There is nothing we do today that would neglect internet. This is the reason why the internet has changed the way we see a lot of things. From shopping to education, there is nothing that the internet would not be able to provide  you with.  What you need to do when you are about starting a website is to understand what is required online. Online presence is what every website design can take advantage of. With the way we have embraced the internet, our world have become a small world. There is no place on earth where internet has not played a positive role.

The World Wide Web is made up of lots of websites. These websites have been designed to meet the standard of the people who are always looking for better ways to improve their lives. This is why the design of websites have become better than it was in 1989 when it can discovered.  You can now have a website that has asynchronour JavaScript attached to it. To improve the way the website would be friendlier to a user, these languages has been provided to help us out.  When you have a website that has Flash Player as an ubiquitous plugins for browsers. We have some developments that have become available to websites which is why you can easily browse on the websites.

When you are on World Wide Web, you would want to stand out with your website if you have one. There are lots of websites that has been developed and designed to make our better than we met it like jQuery,HTML5 and many others. These applications are helping users and administrators have that online support they need. This is the reason why the administrator and visitor’s side can be managed by an owner without stress.

World Wide Web would not be complete if web design is not managed or fully taken care of. This is the reason why it is imperative that you make use of the available friendly designs for your websites. And when it comes to managing your website design, there are lots of designers who would be able to take care of your need at an affordable price.

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