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Web Designers not supplying Custom website designs
Monday, January 9, 2012    5:07 am

One of the common problems companies have found when dealing with self-employed, contracted or freelance website designers is that sometimes they try to cheat their way to richness. Plagiarism has been a problem in this industry for some time and nowadays it is easier than ever. So how exactly do they do it?

The process is actually really simple, as all you need to do to change a website design is find the template or source originally used. Once you have a hard copy of this on your computer, you can start to edit and manipulate the images and styles of the website as you please. This means even the least experience web designer can rip an entire website designer and turn it into something slightly different with only a little knowledge of editing images.

Custom website designs are not hard to come by as long as you stick with the right web design firms. Those who produce 100% unique designs should be able to show you the whole process they have used to develop the design, and different development stages whilst testing if the work has been documented properly.

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