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Monday, March 14, 2011    6:54 am

It is the dream of every businessman to accomplish global growth and this can only be accomplished if the business develops very clear and well thought-through marketing strategies and policies. For sustainable success and continuity, even well established businesses, products and services need the right efforts in terms of marketing on a regular basis. This means that every business should have a strong and competent marketing team. The basic aim of any marketing plan or policy is to create new customers and ensure that the business sustains the existing customers and it is upon the marketers to understand their customers and their needs.

Marketing is the deliberate and intelligent process of selling, distributing and advertising products and services. Depending on the type of business, objectives of the company, the target market, capability, efficiency and budget available, each company’s marketing department can choose the best or most appropriate type of marketing to use, whether Web marketing or the traditional types of marketing.

Traditional marketing is the type of marketing which uses medium such as TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Bill Boards etc to make known the companies products and services, while web marketing is advertising products and services through the Internet. The main advantages of Web marketing are that it is a very fast medium of advertising as well as a cheap one, compared to traditional modes of marketing which are time consuming and expensive to carry through. Web marketing also allows for global 24/7 continuous advertisements and saves on human resource engagement, while traditional marketing needs many people to undertake and can only be done during the day and with a limited reach –either nationally or locational.

For those with a limited marketing budget and those whose target customers are the young generation, and in order to expand the business and to increase profitability, Web marketing is most effective.  If on the other hand the business is well established and with a huge marketing budget, it would be okay to carry out both web marketing and traditional modes of marketing, as this guarantees the company a wider reach to its target consumers and at multiple levels.

It would also be helpful to companies if they could carry out market research before embarking on marketing campaigns. Research is aimed at informing of best type of marketing to use for particular products /services and customers as per the business needs of the particular company

Internet connections are increasingly becoming the norm for every business no matter how small, and it is therefore appropriate to say that, for progressive companies, the way to go in order to facilitate continuous growth and success is to market online. However, we cannot dismiss traditional modes of marketing as they are quite effective as well. Maybe, just to recommend to companies that even though they opt to use traditional methods of marketing that they should as well market on the web, as this is mostly free and very effective with faster and wider reach.

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