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Sunday, March 6, 2011    12:35 pm

The internet has become a very important part of our lives in the last decade. All kinds of information can be found and it has made communication even more real and fast with technologies like video conferencing, Skype and email. Financial transactions have become as easy as child’s play with services like PayPal and Money bookers bridging the financial gap just in a twinkle of an eyelid.

With all this opportunity available, many have ventured into e commerce to sell their wares and service and buy supplies. This kind of business requires that he proprietor market it and reach as many people as possible worldwide. Those in fixed location traditional businesses can also use the web to make their presence known.

Web marketing is a concept that is rapidly growing and should be embraced in order to compete in the world economy of today. There are various strategies to help expand your visibility and customer base, the most effective one being the high ranking of your keywords in the natural searches as compared to paid ads. You can do this by ensuring your web pages are optimally indexed, this is also called search engine optimization.

Description Meta tags should be written short enough to relay the message but remain relevant and meaningful. This will go a long way in making your website easy to find. It is advisable also to include your keywords in the headers and have the keywords present in the first paragraph of the text at approximately two to three percent visibility.

When you hyperlink your keywords they are easily picked by the search engine and this is a very important marketing strategy for any business. When designing the website, mix the JavaScript and flash with HTML since the former are not visible to search engines but HTML links can direct the search engine to your site. In order to make your website be found, create site maps especially if your website is big, this will direct the search engine to all the pages enhancing your web marketing.

Increase you visibility and marketability by placing in your website the street address, postal address, phone and zip codes, by doing this you make your business available even on maps like Google maps. Include also a few major businesses or individual clients your business serves.

When you list your business with various directories and trade organizations you place your website higher in ranking and can be found when customers search by location or category. In addition to this, you can write articles in your area of expertise on a regular basis, daily, weekly or even quarterly. This when given to editors for free and with a link to your website can go a long way in expanding your customer base and direct a lot of traffic to your website.

Join social media communities and blogs where you can discuss with millions about various issues and be connected to the members. Install signatures at the end of your email that have a link to your website, this can also be included in your stationery and business cards among other places.

Lastly you can design a viral marketing strategy to utilize the connections of those you know or put in place an affiliate program and watch as your website markets itself.

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