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Thursday, March 10, 2011    7:29 am

Web marketing, also known as digital / Internet / online / e-marketing is the marketing of products or services via the Internet. With the rising technological advancements and since the world has become a global village, Internet marketing is the most effective form of marketing for companies especially because it affords faster service, wider reach, and savings on resources as compared to other conventional methods of marketing like billboards, TV & radio ads etc which are quite expensive and time consuming.

Technological advancements in the telecommunications industry have greatly affected web marketing and advertising techniques, as many tech-savvy companies and those with a competitive advantage in their marketing strategies, are now embracing a paradigm shift from the traditional text and image advertising to online advertising. As a result, these companies are able to engage and connect with their audience more effectively, and are able to shape consumer attitudes and feelings towards certain products and services more easily.
Banks and commercial firms have not been left behind in this technological advancement; what with Online Banking that enables faster transactions and the convenience of not having to visit a bank branch in order to withdraw or send money.
Companies or individuals that use Web marketing are able to measure their performance, carry out surveys and compile statistics much easily, as all the information they require can be accessed on the Internet. This improves the quality of business output.

Internet marketing is also very convenient to the consumer, who only needs to go online and search for what he/she needs and then order. The payment modes and delivery are also quick. The only limitation to Internet shopping for both companies and consumers is that of security concerns as there are very many crooked people out there who bounce at any opportunity to con. For consumers, they also worry about not getting exactly the same product or service that they asked and paid for, as Web marketing and shopping is basically a trust relationship with no tangible proof of what you will actually get in return.
Companies and sales-people need to consider both advantages and disadvantages of Web Marketing vis-à-vis other forms of marketing, and also determine the type of consumers they need to reach in order to decide what is right for them. Since some businesses require face-to-face contact for success, one should weigh his options carefully before venturing.
Points to consider are whether the products can be sold without personal presentation and if the target market is well oriented with the internet. Without this consideration, all these effort would be in futility. Web marketing also requires a very professional approach; otherwise it is bound to fail in creating the desired effect on the target consumers. It is very important that one makes the right impression with consumers in order to succeed in selling.
In conclusion, for those looking to get into Web marketing, it is advisable to take your time getting to know the companies you would wish to work wit and find out in what ways they can be of help to your endeavors.

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