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Monday, March 14, 2011    6:40 am

Content writing basically is the writing of articles targeted at specific niches or fields in order to boost traffic to the given site and provide customers with the needed information at no cost while marketing the site. This can be done in form of articles, blogs or press releases and range from 150 to 600 words depending on the webmaster’s requirements.

It is advisable for one to use short sentences and paragraphs with each paragraph elaborating a single point. Your words have to be concise and clear to the point and be within context, the words should be simple and easily understood by the targeted readers. When writing, focus on making your work credible and be objective in your language outlining the points by bullets. Keywords should be made bold, colored or hyperlinked for easy scanning, ensure the heading and sub heads portray a meaning even though they should be short.

The web content is supposed to be as short as long as the flow and meaning is maintained since people don’t usually read the web too much. In comparison to printed reads, it should be about 50 percent shorter. And since web readers are know to jump in their reading rather than read word after the other, structure the content in a way that the reader will enjoy going through it and major words should be colored or made bold to easily catch the eye.

It is very important to create web content that is attractive to the readers to retain them  on the site since patience is never there in the web readers, one tend to move on to another site very quickly if they don’t seem to get what they are looking for fast enough. The content should be written in a way that it takes only ten seconds for the attention of the reader to be glued and about 50 seconds for them to understand what the company is about.
The most important issues should be placed at the top clearly stating what the reader is searching for so as not to tire them. He other important aspect to consider is credibility of the content since many people are skeptical of the web generally, this can be dealt with by linking your content to its source, this is done by putting hyperlinks on keywords that are either colored or are made bold to draw attention of the readers.

It is highly advisable to write contents that will be simple and does not overload the readers with information. Once someone is overloaded, he will have no concentration and will easily redirect to another site, this is why the web content must be to the point and a reader should not dig through jargon and loads of words to get to what they are looking for. A glance should be enough to put your company’s picture clearly in the minds of the readers. Headlines should clearly direct the reader to the information needed with short simple sentences and paragraph.

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