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Website Design Tools
Monday, January 9, 2012    5:10 am

In this article we will look at a few popular tools that will make website design a lot easier.

Apache web server

Apache web server allows you to turn any local machine into a web server. It is offered for free by the manufacturer and can be found for download very easy by searching for it on the web. Once downloaded and installed you can use the www directly for placing websites you’d like to test. This is good for testing website design and looking at it as if it was in a live environment. Apache comes with MySQL and PHPmyadmin as standard.


This Tool allows you to execute PHP scripts and web pages on your server. This is not standard with some of the other web servers out there so it is vital you have a copy if you are going to be testing PHP scripts in your testing environment.


PHPMyAdmin works with MYSQL to allow you to create MySQL databases on your local box / web server in order to complete the testing environment. A lot of websites now require a database to function properly, and this is a great way to test it. If your system works it is very simply to export and import databases into different locations.

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