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Website Designer guide to becoming a WordPress Developer
Sunday, January 15, 2012    7:28 am

Becoming a WordPress developer can help expand any website designers CV and make them more valuable in particular areas of the website design industry. It is said that at this current moment in time, around twenty per cent of new websites host the WordPress platform. This means that if you could not previously develop and work with this system you were already missing out on roughly one fifth of every web development job out there.

It is easy to find people who need something customizing in their version of WordPress installed. One place where you can normally a nice range of these is oDesk. ODesk is a website where free lancers can look for jobs based on what people want around the world. They can start a contract if they are successful in applying for a job.

On this website there is a huge range of categories for jobs, one of these being web development. Inside this category you can find thousands of WordPress users who are looking for WordPress Developer to do something special for their site.

Once you have taken the time to play around with WordPress and become well-known with the coding structure as long as you have experience developing web systems you should be well on your way. The best way to get into the field is to start with smaller easier projects and move your way up as you get more familiar with this type of development.

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