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Website Development Vs Designers
Wednesday, January 2, 2013    5:27 am

Website development is a collective term that is taking care of the design of website for online browsing like the intranet and internet.  Most people are conversant with the internet because it is the World Wide Web which is where almost everyone would make use of. The internet has made it possible for a lot of revolutions to happen in our business and fashion world with Website development.  And for those who are not aware of the intranet, it is the individual or private network.  There are features that make up the development of website like the network security, content development of the website, the design of the website, server side scripting, client liaison and many more.

With the internet applications, electronic businesses and also the social media platforms, the website development has become more advanced. Currently, a lot of websites are using SMO which is social media optimization in the generation of their sites. This is why the compatibility of websites with social media platforms is important. It is not everyone who would be able to develop a website. This is the reason why developers can be hired.

The client side coding is what would give website the right hierarchy. And this hierarchy can be according to the following; Ajax, the newer Flash, JavaScript, jQuery, the  Microsoft Silverlight, HTML5 and also CSS 3. And also there are Java, Lotus Domino, ASP, Pearl, PHP, Websphere, Python, WebDNA,  CSP,ColdFusion,CGI,Groovy, Real Studio, Ruby, Smalltalk, SSJS and NET for the server side coding. This is what is included in the website development.

The work of a web developer or webmaster can be seen in the applications of the website development. This is because that is the area that would fully support a user or owner of the website make use of various features and platforms online.  The multifaceted nature of World Wide Web is judged according to reliability of the website, the management and the quality of the website. And because of this, the traffic generation of the website can be grown with the applications that have been placed on a website.

Website development makes use of a systematic procedure that has tools, techniques, methodologies and evolution in place. This is because of the advancements that happen online. The security of the website is equally considered during the development of the website.  This is what would help a website stay away from the malicious activities of hackers.

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