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What are the reasons and solutions for rise in shopping cart abandonment rate?
Friday, June 28, 2013    5:11 pm

A complete guide on reasons for rise on shopping cart abandonment with solutions. How to overcome rise in shopping cart abandonment rate?

A large number of people abandon their shopping cart before proceeding for purchase. When a visitor leaves before completing check out process, then it is called as shopping cart abandonment. The recent surveys have suggested massive rise in shopping cart abandonment rate. According to a reliable survey, 65% of people abandon their shopping cart due to one or more reasons. If your e-commerce website also has such kind of abandonment rate, then you need to scrutinize the reasons and delve upon the solutions.

Here, in this article, we will find the reasons as well as solutions to combat with this problem.

Reasons for high abandonment rate with solutions

1) High shipping cost

Reason: It seems that high shipping price is the most critical reason for abandoning the shopping cart. Shipping cost is the most important factor to incite a user to complete the buying process. Many online stores do not mention the shipping cost, while some offers it free-of-cost.

Solution: We will recommend you to provide free shipping, as it will further encourage the buyer to buy your products. Mention in your website that you provide free shipping. Customers will get more satisfied with this.

shopping cart reasons1

2) Lengthy transaction processes

Reason: 3 out of 5 users say, they don’t have time to complete lengthy transaction process. Sometimes, users are told to fill information on many pages. This can be a frustrating for consumers.

Solution: Offer a one-page check out to customers. This will decrease the time, and customers will be able to place their online orders within no time.

3) Your website is not mobile-friendly

Reason: According to a recent survey, 68% of people are using mobile devices like Smartphone and tablets for online shopping. But majority of them fail to complete the transaction process due to obstacles in check out, safety issues etc.

Solution: Enhance the look and feel of your website by taking into view mobile devices users. Make your website to work smoothly on mobile devices. Mobile e-commerce is the need if the hour. So, offer clear layout and easy navigation for mobile users because according to a survey, 45% of shoppers will never turn back to your site, if it not mobile-friendly.  Read in detail, how to make your website mobile-friendly.

4) Hidden charges

Reason: During the process of checking out, suddenly customers realize that they have to pay additional charges like tax etc. Customers don’t like hidden charges and unpleasant surprises.

Solution: You can make customer aware about the total estimated cost by toting up a calculator or estimator.

shopping cart reasons2

5) Unorganized shopping cart

Reason: Customers get frustrate if they are not able to find their shopping cart. They just can’t keep navigating throughout the site for searching their existing shopping cart. Customers like easy access to their shopping cart, regardless of the web page which they are using.

Solution: Add a feature so that your customers can see their shopping cart on any page. You can make such a facility, so that customers can see their shopping cart through dropdown menu. This will surely decrease the abandonment rate. You can add shopping cart on the top right side of the page. So that a customer can add product in cart whenever required.

shopping cart reasons3

6) Payment options

Reason: Customers are forced to leave the process incomplete, if payment options are not suitable for them.

Solution: Make available wide range of payment options like more credit card options, third party online payment integration like PayPal, accepts checks for online purchases. This will provide lots of options to customers and they will be able to complete the transaction according to their suitability.

7) “Save for later” or “Wishlist” feature

Reason: Sometimes the customers abandon cart because they are not ready due to some reasons like financial issues etc. If they abandon cart, this does not mean, the transaction is over.

Solution:  You should send reminders like emails, phone calls to customers. Due to this, customers may purchase the abandoned product or save it for later. Also, add features like ‘Save for later’ and ‘Wishlist’ to remind customers about the abandoned carts. Create multiple wishlists or add a Wishlist Add-on for your browser. In this way, you can bookmark items from other websites also. If the customers browse specific items or categories, you can send reminder emails to buy these items.

8) Registration of account before purchase

Reason: A survey reveals that 30% online shoppers don’t like to fill registration forms while checking out. But, the e-mail id of customer is needed to keep a track. Let’s find out solution for this.

Solution:  Ask the customer to register an account after the sale. You can give three options while checking out; log in with your own xyz (your online store’s name) account, register now or wait until to create account.

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