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What factors affect the price of website design?
Wednesday, February 1, 2012    5:27 am

When you look at the cost of some web design firms you will not understand why it can cost so much straight away. In this post we are going to look at the most common factors affecting the price of website design.

Website Development

If the web design firm is developing the website from scratch hours of extra work will be needed, increasing the cost significantly.


Most contracts include planning charges including meetings to allow you to see the progress. This means the designers do not just jump into the design and a lot of thought goes into it beforehand.

Tools / Server Rent

Some web design firms will charge you for the tools they use, as in some cases these can be quite expensive (particularly design applications can cost up to and above $1000). Server rent will be for renting server space while the website is stuck in the firms test environment before the full release.


It is common for website design firms to offer full hosting packages as part of a deal. If the firm you choose does not then you will have to find a host elsewhere to host your website.


Maintenance and upgrade charges are applied if your website goes down and needs repairing or you need any big changes making to your website.

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