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What to look for in a WordPress Developer
Sunday, January 15, 2012    7:24 am

When you are going to hire a WordPress Developer to help with the implementation of your eCommerce website, there are certain things you should take into account. WordPress Development is something which not many web designers have looked into before. Although it is a widely used and preferred system many do not tend to change the way it works. However those who have taken the time to dismantle and learn the system have gained the ability to change it as they need.


As most of the WordPress system implements PHP coding with a MYSQL backend database it is very important the WordPress developer has a good understanding and experience of these two systems. This will allow them to use the content from the WordPress database, display and manipulate it by editing the current WordPress web files.

The ability to work to your specific requirements so that you get the product exactly as you would like it to be. They should also have good time management and some project management software, if this is shared with you, you will be able to see exactly how far they are in the project at all times and make sure they do not slack.

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