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What you use Know about Web design
Friday, October 12, 2012    4:14 am

If you must have a web site that would be friendly and easy to use, it should have an up to date in its applications and features. The reason is no viewer would want to spend time on a web site that is not up to date.  Dart is another technology that is supporting the JavaScript front end like Google web toolkit. Those who always come back to web sites is because they have seen something unique about a web site design that they cannot see in other places. If the front end is designed to be complex to the user, it would be very difficult for any meaningful transaction or communication be made on that site. It is frustrating to have a web site that is slow to access through PC or Smartphone because no one wants to waste time on a sluggish site.  The number of viewers of web sites in the world has increased which is why web site design has become better and advanced. The screen resolution of any device that is connected to World Wide Web can be taken care of by responsive web site design. No matter what has been inserted on a web design like ‘add to cart’ and other features can easily fit into a screen because of the responsive web design.

And for eCommerce shops online, this responsive web site design has made it easier for visitors to make use of it. This is the work of responsive design web sites. SQL injection can be a malicious practice that any hacker can use in destroying a web site by hacking into it.  Information like credit card numbers, passwords and email addresses can be hacked if a web site is not fully protected. This is why eCommerce web sites are not taking it for granted with the security of their sites. Security considerations for a web site design have to do with the server that is used. The scripting language of a computer language like ASP, Python, Perl and PHP can be done on Microsoft IIS or Apache for security to be handled.  However, no matter how secured a web site seem to be built, it should be tested severally online so that there would be no mistake. There is lots of advancement in the design of web sites when it comes to security maintenance. With training that has been provided for those who are into maintaining security on web sites, developers have been able to come out with better security measures for web sites.

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