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When to avoid a Web Design Firm
Thursday, December 29, 2011    5:18 am

Choosing a web design firm is always a hard part of having your corporate website redesigned or in some cases having a new website if your company does not currently operate on the internet. Generally all of the web design firms out there will be able to talk the talk and try to convince you they are the right firm to use, much like any other salesman out there. But there are a few things you should look out for.

The Design Process They Use

One of the first things you should enquire about is the actual procedures they follow during the web design. In some cases you will find that the firm want to have meetings with you at every milestone of the project, firms offering such services are a good choice as you get to frequently see how the project is going.

The technologies they use

If the web design firm is still using old and out of date technologies it’s best to avoid them. Not all web designers stay up to date and if your website isn’t up with the times there is a chance some browsers will not accept it and display as it is meant to show.

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