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Which One is Better for Coding, PHP or ASP.NET?
Thursday, October 27, 2011    10:21 am

First of all, it is not the goal of this post to end the age-old debate and finally answer the question which one is better for coding, PHP or ASP.NET? This is just a short and simple comparison of the two popular scripting language.

One of the main attractions of PHP is the fact that it is totally free  because it is open source while ASP.NET on the other hand requires a Microsoft license. Compared to ASP.NET, PHP is also much easier to learn making it ideal for individuals new to coding. PHP is also a little bit faster than ASP.NET because of overheads imposed by the latter’s Common Language Runtime.

Though you need to shell out some cash to use ASP.NET, the money is actually worth it. This is because of the many wonderful and mostly exclusive features of the Microsoft-developed scripting language. One of the main reasons to work with ASP.NET is that it can be developed using the impressive Visual Studio.Net IDE that comes with a lot of great features. ASP.NET also has built-in support for AJAX unlike PHP that still requires add-ons.

As mentioned earlier, this post will not provide a conclusive answer to the question, which one is better for coding, PHP or ASP.NET? If you have the opportunity then use both. If you don’t have the cash or simply want to support open source programs, then choose PHP.

By: admin