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Why Joomla is best CMS?
Tuesday, June 18, 2013    5:10 pm

While creating a new website, lots of elements are crucial. But how to choose the right CMS is a difficult question. This decision cannot be taken lightly. Cost, quality, control etc; matters a lot.

Today, we will talk about Joomla. Millions of web developers use Joomla around the world. It is the most favorite platform for them that meet all their demands. Joomla is an award winning CMS and it undergoes continuous up gradations. There are numerous reasons to like, love and admire Joomla. We will frame out some influential reasons today.


Joomla offers an array of extensions

Joomla developers have an option of more than 6,000 extensions. They are able to choose the best extension for adding a different feature to their website.

Default templates are awesome

Two high quality templates are installed in Joomla. So don’t bother to download any other template.

It fits for websites of all sizes and shapes

A large number of websites, be it small, large, corporate or a celebrity website, are built on Joomla. Some of influential companies like MTV Networks Quizilla, Harvard University, Citibank etc; used Joomla for their websites. You can see that Joomla platform is used to build websites from any field like education, social networking, financial institution, media etc.

Vibrant community

Joomla has a very vibrant and continuously growing community. It has more than 200,000 community users and contributors. So be sure to get support anytime in future.

Admirable admin area

Admin panel of Joomla is simply awesome. It is like a magic wand for Joomla coders. It offers all functions, controls, multiple sets of navigation. The admin area is very clean and clear.

Most secure

It is one of most secure CMS’. It releases lots of security measures for developers. Last update was released on April 26, 2013. Moreover, extended security systems like Secure Live and regular server auditing are an added advantage.

Effective extensibility

If offers vivid features like media manager, language manager, web link management, Syndication and Newsfeed Management etc; but extensibility is the most important feature. Joomla Extension Directory offers an array of ways to enhance Joomla.

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