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Why should you set up your website with OpenCart?
Thursday, July 4, 2013    1:10 am

Are you thinking of building your e-commerce website with an open source platform? But, you are not able to decide which e-commerce solutions like OpenCart, Magento or Prestashop to use. Then, don’t be troubled; OpenCart is very effective for building a small or medium-sized websites. It is good idea to go for OpenCart Development for your new website. Nowadays, we are observing e-commerce boom across the globe. It is estimated that by the end of year 2013, we will see rise in e-commerce by 30%. Quite high, right?  Here are some reasons and benefits of hiring an OpenCart Development Company for setting up your website.

opencart developmet

It is lightweight  

OpenCart is very easy to download and install than other e-commerce applications like Magento. You can initialize OpenCart quite simply and quickly. It is very easy to launch your e-store within few steps. First you need to install OpenCart, then select an OpenCart theme, configure modules and functions. The last step is to add product and write description about products.

Extremely customizable

You can create a very unique and one-of-its-kind website with OpenCart, as it is very customizable. You can customize it through CSS and templates.

Multiple languages and currencies

More than 20 languages and currencies are set in your default install. Also, you have options of integrating an array of payment gateways (more than 20 payment gateways) like PayPal, Worldpay etc.

Support many languages

If you want to launch your store in different countries with their languages, then OpenCart is good choice for you. It supports more than 18 languages like English (default), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Hungarian, Indonesian, Farsi, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, Polish etc. Learn how to add language in OpenCart.

Multi-store handling

You can manage multiple stores from just one admin interface. Even though, it has different templates and products but, you can control these stores from one location.

Provides functionality to your site with numerous extensions and modules

You have the choice to use different extensions for the cart system. You can enhance the functionality of your website by adding modules. OpenCart has 11 modules like Bestsellers, cart, category, featured, latest, specials, manufacturers, information, Google analytics, Google Talk. Extension is useful to catch the attention of users. There are many extensions for OpenCart.  Multiple languages extension which can translate the content in different languages is quite popular.

Huge community support

At any point of OpenCart development, if you face any problem, then you can seek help from OpenCart community. Huge online support is available for web developers.

Reporting facility

You can create reports for sales, purchase, products, customers, as OpenCart provides reporting tools built-in as default. You can create reports by going to administrator panel and select the reports drop down menu option. You can also filter the reports in a few clicks.


It is search engine-friendly. All the pages of OpenCart can be indexed and identified in search engines due to its design. Of course, higher ranking achievement is the aim of all companies. And by providing unique details through Meta title, Meta description and keywords, higher rankings can be achieved.

Users’ satisfaction

You make shopping websites for customers. Hence their satisfaction and experience is of utmost importance. OpenCart provides better experience to users. It gives fast loading website to users. Moreover, you can also augment the functionality of your website by adding more functions without hampering the speed.


OpenCart is open source and license-free, so it needs no license fees and maintenance. You can develop your website with OpenCart quite affordably.

At the end, we will say, there is hardly any doubt to decline the use of OpenCart. It all depends upon your needs and requirements to choose a source for building website. Build successful online stores with OpenCart.

By: admin