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WordPress Developers and security
Tuesday, January 31, 2012    5:46 am

When you think about hiring a WordPress developer there is always one thing you should take seriously into account… Security. WordPress is a very popular tool, in fact around about 25 per cent of the online population uses WordPress as a base to their website. This is for a number of reasons including how easy it is to use, it is absolutely free and it can be easily modified.

The only problem with the popularity of WordPress is that it has made it the tool for hackers to manipulate. Thousands of hackers have taken it upon themselves to find back doors into the WordPress system allowing them to take over entire WordPress sites. This allows them to completely delete the WordPress website or simply change the monetization techniques that have been implemented to better themselves.

When you hire a WordPress developer you should make sure they are good with handling the WordPress system and the advanced security techniques which can be implemented. As they will be developing and possibly maintaining your website in the long run they should know that WordPress often release new versions that battle minor security flaws in the system, so the website should always be kept 100% up to date.

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