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WordPress Plugins for SEO
Wednesday, February 22, 2012    3:55 pm

Whilst WordPress is often considered the most popular content management system on the net, it has not gained its reputation from nothing. WordPress offers a user both a great front end display for their website and also an amazing back end management area which makes it very easy and advantageous to use. On top of this various designers have worked with website design and WordPress to create some truly amazing themes, meaning you can create a professional looking website in minutes. However in this post we will look at some WordPress Plugins for SEO:

All-in-one SEO – This great plug-in actually optimizes your WordPress blog specifically for search engine optimization

CTR Theme – CTR Theme is a theme designed specifically for SEO Internet Marketers providing them with a diversity of ad positions that automatically changes on their website for an optimal click through rate

WPRobot – Automatically posts content to your WordPress blog, this is great for adding pages to your website to be indexed by search engines to increase your rank

SEO Content Control – This allows you to check over your sites content to see if any areas are lacking. It allows you to see if you are missing things such as descriptions and titles which are often very easy to forget.

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