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Worst Web Design Mistakes
Thursday, October 27, 2011    10:24 am

If you are just starting out on web designing, it is OK to make mistakes. After all, that’s how you will learn and get better. So if you have made at least one of the worst web design mistakes listed here, congratulate yourself. You are about to be a better designer.

Poor graphics and images. Admit it, the web is a visual medium. If you are going to use graphics and images on your website, make sure that they are at least decent. If you can’t afford to buy high quality stock photo, don’t make your visitors suffer with the blurred photo you took with your 2 megapixel phone camera.

Poor or no content. Graphics and images are there to attract attention but texts are important to get your message across. This is the reason why you should have well-written content on your website. You reason that you are a designer and not a writer. Then hire yourself a decent writer. Texts are as much part of web design as graphics are.

Using design elements from the 90s. It doesn’t matter whether those flaming gifs are so “in” during the 90s. They look hideous now that we are in the new millennium. When it comes to web design, it doesn’t pay to be nostalgic. So drop those old tricks and learn new ones.

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