On page Optimization

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On Page Optimization is optimizing the content of your web-pages, so that it conforms to a format that is readily accepted and recognized by the search engines. There is no definitive way that this can be done as there are several hundred variations to the algorithms of the search engines. But there are a few , well known and generally accepted practises that must be followed assiduously for better rankings. The problem is compounded, because the information should be presented in a form that will please the search engines, but it should also be appealing to humans readers.
On Page

A few of the practises include the following :

  • Header Tags
  • Meta Title Tag
  • Meta Description Tag
  • Meta Keywords Tag
  • Anchor Tag & Alt Tag
  • Keyword Density- So that the search engines can tell what your page is about internal Linking
  • Implementation of Google Analytics – indicates your visitors Search Engine Verification from Google, Yahoo and MSN – ensures that your site can be found.
  • Submission of XML Sitemap – The search engines can follow the layout of your site.
  • Creation of Proper Link Structure Creation and Submission of ROR.xml – indicates to the search engines how your site should be indexed.
  • Schema Markup Implementation
  • Optimization of Search Engine Essential Files (robots.txt, urllist.txt, sitemap.xml)
  • Creating micro formats like hcard integration, hrview integration, vCard integration.

This is only a partial list of all the necessary tasks involved in SEO, and they are all important for good rankings.

On Page Optimization is one of the more important aspects of SEO and regular updates are necessary to obtain and maintain good rankings. There is no single process that can be applied to all websites, and our team or professional consultants will examine each situation carefully, to design to complete on -page optimization as it applies to your website and the nature and business.

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