RFID Services

In the businesses where a huge inventory is managed every day, keeping an exact record of the inventory can get really hectic. Manual record-keeping of the inventory can sometimes be wrong and lead to losses. Hence, in this world of technology, a hardware device called RFID is developed for exact condition of the inventory of the products. RFID means Radio Frequency Identification, which is an intelligent technology and is programmed using C or Python language.

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For RFID to work properly, each product in the inventory is assigned an RFID tag with EPC code. RFID scanner/reader device will detect this tag and add its information to Admin Panel where all the information of inventory is recorded. Whenever a product or many products are either sold or moved out from the shop/warehouse/go-down, then RFID device records this number and uploads the information to Admin Panel. Also, if the number of products reduces below a certain defined limit, then the device shows an alert mark. Likewise, all the similar activities related to inventory management are recorded by RFID device.

Advantages of RFID scanner:
Keeps an exact record of the inventory
Saves the cost of manual labor
Automatic alert messages
Useful for any kind of inventory, ex. Flower shop, manufacturing products, packed food items and drinks, agricultural products.

Thus, RFID scanner is an ultimate device for managing inventory of various products. Any shop or super-market or a manufacturing company can get a huge advantage from this device by saving cost.

If you have any requirement of such a technology, we can help you in this. You can easily manage the inventory records while saving the labor cost. Contact us today for your requirement.