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zoho crm
We have a dedicated team of resources for various Zoho modules, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Doc, Zoho Email, Zoho Reports and Zoho Meeting, to serve the client all around the globe. We have experienced in Zoho development and implementation and provide the best cloud computing services in the USA.

The market of Zoho CRM development has seen the major growth in the past few years and is expected to grow more rapidly in coming years. We have assigned dedicated teams to serve the customers’ requirements.

Many organizations are developing and deploying cloud computing using Zoho platform. Zoho platform helps your business to improve your sales, services, marketing and other important business processes. If you operate from various locations around the world, the Zoho cloud makes a great business module. Zoho provides effective solutions for the fast growing needs of all organizations. We provide Zoho consulting, Zoho training, Zoho implementation and Zoho support for our clients.

zoho crm

With our expert Zoho CRM developers, you can create alluring forms that entice customers to connect with you. By connecting your web forms to Zoho CRM, you can monitor best lead sources, follow up those leads more effectively and convert those inquiries into sales. We can help you to create following form combinations:

Automatically generate a new lead from contact form
Tracking marketing campaign or web pages which have generated the lead
Record lead’s inquiries and interests so you sell directly to the consumers

By implementing Zoho CRM, you can save your efforts and time as each entry is automatically logged and categorized. A proper follow up with each enquiry can help increase your sales.

Some key features of Zoho CRM:

Sales Force Automation
Customer Support & Service
CRM with Email
Marketing Automation
Inventory Management
Role-based Security
Workflow Management
Developer API for Third-party Integration
CRM Analytics
Integration with Microsoft Office & Outlook

Zoho Creator

zoho creator

Zoho Creator offers the best drag-n-drop interface to design forms, tables, schedule workflows, design and perform several automated actions. Zoho Creator’s influential tools for analysis, data compilation and management, reporting and collaboration make it a smarter choice for small as well as large online business. This will automatically collect field data and insert them in the tables designed in a Creator.

Some key features of Zoho Creator:

Easy drag and drop interface
Data analysis and reporting
Email notification and schedules
Data Import/Export
Web mobile and native mobile access
User Access Controls
Enterprise Applications

Zoho Docs

zoho docs

Zoho Docs is a complete online document management system designed for creating, sharing, storing, and collaborating documents of all formats available. The application includes two distinct core functions: document editing and collaboration, and document storage and organization. Zoho Docs has proven to be winning in major industries. The Zoho Docs provides

Document editing and presentation using Zoho Writer, Zoho Show and Zoho Sheet
A range of collaboration and sharing capabilities
Administrative control to meet the needs of large organizations
Integration other Zoho platforms like Zoho CRM, Zoho Mail and Zoho Projects to maintain document sharing in the major areas of business operations.

Some key features of Zoho Docs:

Online file storage
Check-in/check-out control
Online chat & collaboration
Multi-level folders
Online workspace
Reviewing and tagging
Integrates Zoho Writer, Sheet & Show
Secure files sharing
Document version control
Admin governance
Security and admin controls

Zoho Meeting

zoho meeting

Web conferencing or online meetings is one of the rapidly growing segments of the Internet as many organizations opt to connect with clients remotely. Zoho Meeting offers the easiest and affordable solution for remote assistance applications and online web conference. It offers single users as well as large and small size organizations, an easy and quick way to conduct safe and cost-effective online meetings.

Some key features of Zoho Meeting:

Screen sharing
Instant chat collaboration
Cross-platform support
Corporate branding
Automated email reminders
Switch presenter
VoIP support

Firewall support and security
Multi-language support
Support for multiple timezones
Detailed reports
Remote desktop control
Embedded meeting widget
Categorized session reports

Zoho Projects

zoho projects

Zoho Projects is designed for all sizes of teams, including from small organizations with two to three employees to large enterprises with hundreds of employees across the globe. This is suitable for almost all industries.

Some key features of Zoho Projects:

Task Management and Time Tracking
Google Apps Integration
Project Calendar & Events
Github Integration
Project Reports (Gantt Charts)
Hourly Tasks and Sub tasks
Online Project Chat
Project Wiki (Intranet Pages), Document Management
Dropbox Integration
Bug Tracking Software
Iphone App
eMail Collaboration

Zoho Motivator

zoho motivator

Zoho Motivator is a gamification solution offered by Zoho. This works with Zoho CRM to drive preferred practices to increase revenue while maintaining the interest of the sales team.

If you are a business and looking for firms that can help you to integrate the Zoho system with your business, contact us Today..